OnePlus 5 comes on June 20th – and that’s how it looks!

Now we have certainty: the OnePlus 5 will be presented this month on 20 June! OnePlus is even more precise on its page – there is the Launch-Event angeteasert and also the time added: 6 o’clock of our time is so far.

With the “Focus on what matters” claim, we also point out that for the first time we will have a dual-cam on the back of a company’s smartphone. Leaks indicated this already and there was also a half-official of Carl Pei personally.

If you also go to the launch page for the event, you will see that the smartphone concept is also accompanied by various pop-up events. They take place in different places worldwide, more precisely in New York on 20 June directly, but also in some European metropolises one day later. Also in Berlin you will be able to buy the OnePlus 5 on the 21st June already – so mark the date.

To this official confirmation by OnePlus comes however also still a picture, of which Android Police is sure that it shows the actual OnePlus 5. There we see at least the upper half of the new smartphone front and rear:

Apart from the design, the picture tells us not much, apart from the clearly recognizable dual cam on the back. Surprising is the currently no one more that also OnePlus two camera sensors at the main camera block, but this rendering picture tells us at least also the arrangement of the cameras: Side by side and not with each other, as was already speculated.

In addition to the already confirmed Snapdragon 835 as a processor, some questions remain open, but we will be answered by 20 June at the latest. As long as we have to be patient – but then you will of course learn everything about the new flagship of the young Chinese company.

Sources: and Android Police




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