iOS 11 – major update to Apple’s mobile platform

At the time of launch of new tablets Pro the iPad Apple’s company introduced the next major update of the mobile operating system – iOS 11, which will be expanded in the autumn of hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad, and today as a technology preview is available to participants of the program iOS Developer Program. The open beta for users will be later this month.

One important innovation was the augmented reality and a set ARKit developer tools to work with this direction. With the help of computer vision technology of the mobile device screen becomes the mediator between the environment and its virtual reflection facilitated by the camera, processing power and motion sensors. More interactive can become travel, shopping, industrial design and many other areas, including, of course, games.

CoreML new package is designed to perform machine learning on the device with integration of hardware and software. The platform is designed to ensure the safety of personal data and facilitate the creation of self-learning applications that can predict user actions.

Today Siri is used on 375 million devices in 36 countries. Along with the improvement of intellectual capacity Apple introduced the new assistant women’s and men’s voices, more natural and expressive thanks to a variable in the process of speech, intonation, tone of voice, rate of speech and semantic accents. Available possibility of transferring sentences from English into Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

More personal (without sending the data to the servers) became assistant thanks to technology training on the device and can now handle data and work history in Safari, News, Email, Messaging, and other applications. Expanded integration capabilities of a personal assistant application via SiriKit. There are new categories, including task lists, notes and reminders, bank transfers and invoices, as well as QR-code.

The increased power of the tablet iPad Pro with 6-core processor A10X allowed Apple to introduce new multi-tasking features. Made to optimize for ease of switching between the pairs of running applications in Split View the old regime and the new Slide Over. And available with any screen, the Dock provides access to frequently used applications and documents, and can be customized to the needs of users.

For better organization of the work appeared application files, share files, regardless of their location on the device or in a variety of cloud services.

On iOS, enhanced drag and drop function, which brings the functionality of a desktop environment: Users can more convenient to move text and images in any software environment. Improved capacity Apple Pencil Pen: Now you can draw directly in e-mails, also introduced a feature “Instant notes”, called from the lock screen. In a particular mode will be easier to type texts with one hand on the iPhone, and the new keyboard on the iPad opens QuickType quick access to numbers, symbols and punctuation.

New Features for Cameras & Camcorders include Loop and Bounce effects of “living pictures”, allowing to create looped videos, appeared long exposure mode. Memories optimized for both portrait and landscape orientations, improved matching algorithms to automatically create memories. Very popular step was the introduction of a new format HEIF images that reduces file size without further deterioration. Perhaps with time it spread beyond the Apple platform, and finally replace the outdated JPEG?

Improved usability Apple Pay: transfers from the bank card can be performed directly from a message or using Siri. Payments received are now coming to Apple Pay Cash, they can be sent to another person’s wallet or go shopping in the shops, to bring to a bank account.

So that drivers are not distracted from the road and do not put themselves and passengers in a dangerous situation, now that the function “Do not disturb” it is automatically turned on while driving. Favorite contacts can be sent a notification that the user is driving and the response will follow upon arrival at the destination.

And key innovation was already available to update the App Store, significantly improves the navigation among the millions of applications, selection of the most convenient and the very concept of the store. Users will also be available related materials such as articles and exclusive interviews with the developers.

Apple Music will offer users to share information among themselves their profiles, subscribe to the actions of your friends to know what kind of music they like and listen to their playlists. MusicKit allows developers to integrate into your applications access to more than 40 million songs, recommendations elected content and history of Apple Music search.

Navigator learned to prompt the optimal lane for the right turn at the road junction. The map will appear panorama premises largest airports and shopping centers around the world. The news added Spotlight tab displaying the most interesting stories, editors selected Apple News, and in the “Today” displays the best videos of the day.

HomeKit tools have become more convenient and accessible, even to fans, there are new ways to authenticate hardware devices to add support HomeKit into existing accessories. Expanded the list of supported devices and accessories in the annex house. Also from or Siri also be controlled AirPlay two speakers in a multiroom mode.

In the fall of iOS 11 will be installed as a free upgrade for the iPhone 5s or later, all models of iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch 6th generation.



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