AMD released a sketch of the GPU Vega

Marketers AMD continue to heat up the public interest in the most powerful graphics processor company – Vega. So, before it became known that Advanced Micro Devices will provide for different configurations of Apple iMac Pro: Professional boosters Radeon Pro Vega 56 with 8 GB HBM2 and Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB HBM2. Previously, chip maker announced model Radeon Vega Frontier Edition for desktops and dedicated accelerator Radeon Instinct MI25 for deep learning systems. In general, at this time AMD Vega is situated on the outskirts of the consumer market, and early (August) or later (September) will go on sale.

Waiting for the big announcement of the game card Radeon RX Vega at SIGGRAPH 2017 and its subsequent release attracted the attention of the writing fraternity image on the page with the description of novelties Radeon Pro Vega 56 and 64.

Sketch released quite amusing, because on the one hand the core blocks were clearly “to finish” in the graphical editor, and on the other – the proportion is likely to remain the same as that of the present crystal. 489 mm² – Given the known HBM2 chip area 92 mm², the total area GPU Vega was derived. This is consistent with the words of the head of Radeon Technologies Group Radzhi Koduri (Raja Koduri), who described the Vega area as “a little less than 500 mm².”

Smaller dimensions relative Vega Fiji AMD allow engineers to design more compact device than, for example, Radeon R9 Nano. “Matured” 14-nm GPU release process technology, in turn, will provide a moderate power consumption and heat.

Snapshot AMD Fiji crystal (Radeon R9 Fury X)

Snapshot AMD Fiji crystal (Radeon R9 Fury X)

Returning to sketch Vega, note the unusual markings memory chips HBM2 – GPA022GA2656. It can not yet be tied to the producer SK Hynix, neither Samsung. Previously, AMD stated that it is willing to cooperate with both suppliers HBM2 chips.

Another hot topic of the beginning of the week was the prospect of release from AMD and NVIDIA special card companies for mining cryptocurrency. Intermittent, but nonetheless steady growth of Bitcoin in relation to the dollar, and a periodic shortage of gaming graphics cards due to another round kriptovalyutnogo boom – the most obvious reasons for preparing the GPU «gold». Such as writing VideoCardz, can become NVIDIA GP106-100 chip and one of the representatives of AMD Polaris family. It is reported that on the basis of GP106-100 card GeForce GTX 1060 class will be built without a video output and the ability to run any games.



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