WhatsApp: now you can use filters in your photos and create albums

We have innovations on Instagram and are very likely to love it. Messaging application owned by Facebook , WhatsApp , has decided to launch a new version of its solution that focuses primarily on being more visual for users, with the addition of filters, albums and “fast” answers so you can communicate so More immediate with your contacts.

As for the first feature – perhaps most striking of all – you will now have access to a total of up to five new filters (pop, black and white, cool , chroma and movie) that you can apply to your photos and videos before sending them . The albums, which we’ve talked to you for weeks, will organize four or more images automatically so you can send them in a much more pleasant format to see on your phone screen. Your contacts will be able to open them and then go from photo to photo (or video, in its default) for individual viewing.

WhatsApp image filters – via Charlie Deets

Are you part of many groups? “You do not have to answer, we already know the answer.” In that case, you will surely appreciate the addition of this update, which will allow you to write your quick answers by simply sliding the items to the right that you wish to answer – you have a demo below. More simple and direct, go.

According to our cousins ​​of TechCrunch , this update is currently only available for iOS – you can access the application in the App Store in our Source – while in Android you will have to wait still some time to receive it – there is no date in The horizon at the moment.

We believe that the albums can be quite useful when we want to send several photos and that the useful answers also streamline the conversation, but, the filters? Were they really needed on the messaging platform? The Instagram effect is even in the soup, no doubt.



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