Duel of Chinese: OnePlus 3T vs. Xiaomi Mi 6, which one to buy?

What is the best Chinese mobile phone you can buy right now? . Surely, you have asked yourself that question and still do not know what the answer is. We can only tell you that it is between the Xiaomi Mi 6 and the OnePlus 3T , so we will go analyzing them point by point, to see which is the best option to buy.

Forget the power, forget the role, the best mobile is the most balanced around , so let’s try to find out which of the two is the best option to buy.

Xiaomi Mi 6 vs OnePlus 3T, which one do I buy?


Xiaom iMI 6 Plus

Here wins the Xiaomi Mi 6, and there is not much more discussion . The OnePlus 3T has a too industrial design and no personality, with quite pronounced frames, a camera that protrudes in excess and an excessive size. The Mi 6, for its part, is finished in glass and aluminum, with colors much more achieved than the Gunmetal OnePlus.

The curvature of the whole set, how compact it is, and the placement of the chambers in the back make the Mi 6 a real wonder in this respect, where OnePlus should hit the table with the OnePlus 5 if he does not want to stay Behind .

User experience and performance

OnePlus 3t

As you know, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is more powerful than the OnePlus 3T , as it assembles a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. However, in the day to day, this difference is not remarkable, since to open the applications 0.5 seconds before you Rival is not a point that we can value to put it in favor of one or the other.

However, the user experience of Xiaomi is weighed down by MIUI . You will have to configure one by one the applications to appear the banners, you will have to activate the notifications, you will not be able to see your messages zooming in the lockscreen … In short, you are going to have a shell operating system , despite To have Android 7.1.1.

The OnePlus 3T maintains a mix between Android Pure and LineageOS. That is, we have the best of Android Stock and the best of the custom ROMs . Here we forget problems with notifications, bad RAM management, not being able to do certain things … We have absolute freedom, as it should be.



As for the battery, the OnePlus 3T has a amperage of 3400mAh, and the Xiaomi with a amperage of 3350mAh, practically the same numerically. However, the 835 is a more efficient processor, and the screen is smaller . The OnePlus, for its part, is more optimized at the software level and assembles an AMOLED panel that reduces consumption, so, surely, we are before a tie.

With both terminals, an average user will reach the day and a half of use without the slightest problem , and the more hooked up we will reach the end of the day. If it gets complicated at night, while you shower you can leave them loading half hour and have them practically 100% of their load level, so there will be no bad times with either.



Bye Xiaomi, it was my pleasure. OxygenOS is the best “personalization layer” we have tested in our life . Simply put, it’s the ROM that every smartphone should carry. We have a clean, optimized system, and with extra additions that do not detract from user experience or destabilize the system.

Details such as the bar gloss at the bottom of the status bar to be more accessible to our finger, the colors of the environment, the customization of absolutely the whole phone despite being a ROM similar to pure Android, can not take anymore Our outstanding. In addition, if you bring the Open Beta, your mobile will be updated almost every two weeks , something that we can not even find on Google devices.

If for some reason OnePlus is considered as one of the signatures of the moment, it is for its software, where Xiaomi has a long way to create a clean ROM that does not complicate the user experience .


Xiaomi Mi 6, double camera features

Finally, we will talk about the camera, a point where both terminals have high and low. After a few updates, the OnePlus 3T camera is one of the best today , although it has no added feature that gives us anything except the legendary automatic HDR.

The Mi 6, for its part, has the famous portrait mode that has worked so well on the Huawei P10 and iPhone 7 Plus. In acceptable light conditions, the Xiaomi Mi 6 takes the victory , since the photographs are superior and the addition of the portrait mode is outstanding.

However, the processing of Xiaomi is not good, and in low light conditions and at night the photographs are simply bad . This is where OnePlus’s HQ mode shines, which minimizes noise and gets some of the best night shots we’ve ever seen.

As you can see, the OnePlus 3T has less noise than the Google Pixel itself when shooting at night , so we are not talking about mediocrity, we talk about top cameras. If you want to shoot by day, like 80% of people, the Xiaomi Mi 6 camera is your thing, if you like the night world and you do enough photos in these conditions, this terminal can give you some displeasure.


OnePlus 3T

Yes, there are usually enough offers in which the OnePlus 3T is about 350 euros, but without offers, both terminals have a price that is around 450 euros . We, for the user experience and the updates we are left with the OnePlus 3T , since we believe that it is the most balanced mobile of the present time.

However, the Xiaomi Mi 6 has a lot to say in design, daytime photography and power, so do not take this view as absolute. Both terminals are outstanding , and depending on each user should buy one or the other.

And you, with which of the two do you stay?



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