Do you want Bixby out of your S8? Carry it with this curious sheath

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has already been in the market for a few months and users have had the opportunity to check if this is really one of the best flagships of 2017 . Among the multitude of features and novelties that brings the high Korean range, stands out one above the others. If while you read this you have thought “Bixby”, then you are on the right track.

And is that the virtual assistant Samsung takes such importance in its latest flagship that even has its own dedicated button to “call” when we need your services . However, there are many users who are unhappy for a simple reason: on many occasions they press the button of Bixby without wanting. This problem has led someone to come up with a simple but clever solution.

The anti-Bixby case that could prevent many headaches

Anti-Bixby case Samsung Galaxy S8

The solution has been developed by a young entrepreneur named Zach Mckay, who has had the great idea to create an anti-Bixby cover that covers the button that activates this virtual assistant . The project is on the patronage platform KickStarter , and aims to reach $ 16,000, although it seems that it has a long way, since currently only managed to raise $ 205.

The operation of this case could not be more basic, and is that in addition to what already make all the covers – protect the device – also meets by covering the button activated Bixby to avoid accidental touches . According to research by McKay himself, less than 20% of people use Bixby on a regular basis, which is why he decided to undertake this project.

Anti-Bixby case Samsung Galaxy S8

According to McKay, if they manage to exceed $ 20,000, they can offer the case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + in up to three different colors . Undoubtedly, it is a bold idea but may lack sufficient support to reach the target.

Do you think it is a good idea?



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