This is the OnePlus 5!

OnePlus 5 iphone image rumor

After rumors about its camera , its battery or its design , the OnePlus 5 returns to news after the revelation of its date of presentation and with the appearance of a pair of photographs of the device.

Indeed, today we have a better idea of ​​what will be the new terminal of the Chinese firm , a smartphone that will have to overcome a popular and reputed OnePlus 3 and become an even bigger place in the high-end Android.

Will the OnePlus 5 be a copy of the iPhone?

It was late afternoon when OnePlus announced through its official Twitter account the arrival on June 20 of its OnePlus 5, under the slogan “Focus on what matters” and a picture of a calm ocean. However, three hours later, we get a new picture of that device in Slashleacks .

In it we see a unibody smartphone , with the volume buttons and “Alert Slider” in its left frame, a double rear camera in its lower part accompanied by an LED flash and finally its speaker and a front camera in the upper front of the terminal.

Leaving aside its features, this OnePlus 5 inevitably reminds us of an iPhone, specifically the iPhone 7, either by the placement and lifting of its double rear camera or by the matte black color with which the last smartphone was released the Apple.

Consequently, if finally this is the final design of the new OnePlus 5 all fanboys Apple finally will discuss with reason OnePlus “Copy” to Apple, it is that the similarity between devices is too high, at least as Is seen in the photos .

Anyway, this pair of images do not follow at all the pattern of rumors that we have received so far , where the double chamber of this OnePlus 5 was located in the upper center of the device and was much larger.

The OnePlus 5 on previous rumors

The OnePlus 5 on previous rumors

Until the commented June 20, we will not know for sure how this expected OnePlus 5 will be from top to bottom, so at the moment we should not take anything to the letter . Tell me,

Do you think it looks like the iPhone 7? What do you expect from this OnePlus 5?



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