Can you imagine knowing the quality of the air thanks to Google Maps? Already working on it

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Google Maps is one of the most useful tools created by the great G throughout its history . So much that for many of us it has become an essential service in our day to day, and much fault of it has the own company, and its intention to make the platform more and more complete thanks to new features and functions that arrive Update after update.

Now, after integrating in the application such basic and useful tools as the state of traffic, free places to park the car or the number of people in a specific place, Google intends to introduce a measure closely linked to the preservation of the environment environment and to help us lead a healthier life, and that within a short time, it will be possible to check the air quality in real time on Google Maps.

Checking the air quality on Google Maps will soon be possible

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As Google announces in its official blog , from today it has begun to work in introducing in Google Maps the option that will allow us to know the quality of the air in a specific place . To do this, the search company has decided to work hand in hand with various organizations specializing in such matters.

Today, with our partners in Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Aclima, we are sharing the first results of an effort we began in 2015: measuring air quality with Aclima equipment mounted on Google Street View cars. Now you can see maps of nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon black pollutants emitted by cars, trucks and other sources that can affect our health and our climate.

Know the air quality in Google Maps

In order to check the condition of the air in a specific place, it will suffice to zoom in on a location, and will automatically appear the levels of pollution represented by a color gradient that will go from the yellow – small amount of pollution – to the red – levels of contamination Higher.

Thus, it will be much easier to check if it is a good time to visit a specific location , or if, on the contrary, it is better to wait until the area is less crowded with polluting vehicles. In addition, as Google points out, this information can be used to impose measures to improve air quality in specific areas.

At the moment, this project is being carried out in the city of Oakland, California. However, knowing the background of Google, we do not rule out that sooner or later we will be able to enjoy this feature in a greater number of cities around the world.



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