Telekom wants to sell its own radio tower

Telekom wants to sell its own radio tower

Telekom sells radio towers – Deutsche Telekom plans to sell shares of its subsidiary Deutsche Funkturm (DFMG) by the end of the year. The value of the towers will amount to 5 billion euros.

Telekom plans to sell Funkturm

According to Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Telekom is planning to sell 49 per cent of its shares in the subsidiary Deutsche Funkturm at the end of the year as the economic week for business and banking travels. At 51 percent Telekom would still be the majority shareholder.

For telecoms, the 27,000 radio telephones, radio relays and radio networks of the company’s subsidiaries are no longer a strategic investment. ” What makes us different from competitors, we do ourselves. On the rest, we work with partners “, Telekom CEO Tim Höttges announced at the Annual General Meeting on May 31.

Telekom bought masts from Telefónica

Competitors’ practice is also common practice. Following the merger between o2 and E-Plus, Telefónica Deutschland sold 7,700 double-ended radio masts to Deutsche Telekom in July 2015. The masts were primarily radio installations on the roofs, which are hard to get because of fear of mobile radio emissions.

In April 2016 Telefónica sold almost all of its steel and concrete masts to Telxius, a subsidiary of Telefónica. By contract, Telefónica Deutschland can continue to use the 2,350 masts without restrictions. On the rented masts partly also radio installations of the network operator Vodafone and the Telekom are mounted.
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