Flir One (Pro): New Thermal Imagers for Android and iOS

Flir One (Pro): New Thermal Imagers for Android and iOS

Flir is reintroducing the thermal imaging camera One for smartphones with iOS and Android. The third-generation basic version is cheaper, but it also reduces the cost, but the new Flir One Pro costs more. Both unify a new plug-in system, which can be better adapted to different smartphones.

Lightning and USB Type C to extend

Flir One and Flir One Pro are available again for Android and iOS, with the interfaces USB Type C and Lightning available. Both plugs can be retracted and retracted by four mm in the future. This system, which Flir calls “OneFit” replaces the envelopes required for the camera unit, which had to compensate for the remaining gap to the smartphone, the phone itself came without a cover. With the new system, flickering of the Flir One (Pro) at least along an axis can usually be avoided. Both versions are loaded via USB Type C; A cable but no power supply is included.

Flir One Pro with 160 × 120 thermal measuring points

The specific advantages of the Pro version are, on the one hand, the higher resolution of the thermal camera with 160 × 120 measuring points, as already offered by the Flir One 2nd generation. The cheaper new Flir One 3rd generation, on the other hand, falls back on the resolution of the first generation with 80 x 60 pixels. An exclusive and real innovation of the Pro version concerns, on the other hand, the new image processing processor VividIR, which should be able to create sharper images from the raw material by postprocessing; The comparison images provided by Flir do not reflect this effect correctly, because the One is missing not only VividIR but also three-thirds of the measurement points. The recording of the Flir One Pro for iOS used by ComputerBase for the test is based on the interaction of both cameras (160×120 and 1,440×1).

Further advantages of the Flir One Pro compared to the Flir One can be found in the range of functions in the new app: instead of a fixed measuring point to display the absolute measured temperature, users can set three points at any location or alternatively define three rectangles or circles in which the maximum Temperature is displayed. Also the separate use of one of the two cameras leaves the app only with the One Pro.

New app with tutorials and community

The completely revamped app for iOS and Android should also help to encourage more users to purchase a thermal imager for the smartphone. For this purpose there are not only videos with tutorials as well as tips and tricks, but also the possibility to publish their own recordings and share with Flir in the app with the community. In addition, apps for Flir One and One Pro should be advertised by third-party vendors in the application. The first applications are aimed at seafarers or persons who want to experience the world in VR through the eyes of a thermal imaging camera: the processing of the image signals, however, entails a noticeable delay until the output, the direct implementation of the movements of the user required for VR Not. A beta of the app was still faulty in the test,

From 199 euros can be ordered now

Flir One and One Pro of the 3rd generation are now available, the delivery begins at the end of June. In Germany the prices are 199 respectively 399 euros, the predecessor Flir One 2nd generation is currently available for 250 to 300 euros.



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