Chinese JXD is ready to launch the new Gaming-Tablet

This month, the Chinese JXD  will release its second Android tablet dedicated to Gaming. The various rumors attach to the new JXD S192K technical features such as an IPS 7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1929 x 1299 pixels, SoC RockChip RK3288, with CPU Cortex-A17 and Mali-T764 GPU, 4 GB of RAM LPDDR3 and 64 GB via microSD expandable internal memory.

Essentially there we will then be faced with an updated and more powerful than JXD Singularity 192. The 10000 mAh battery may allow up to 12 hours of continuous play without having to resort to the power cord: the Chinese company is focusing on usability and on what could be the actual segment related to the physical controller of the tablet game, good tools that will distinguish this product from the competition. It seems that buying a JXD S192K ( which will probably be sold at a price that is around $ 359 ) we will find ourselves able to download more than 2500 retro games.

It is not yet known which version of Android with which will be distributed this product but further details about could be released soon.

Today we can play almost perfectly with your smartphone and there are already many popular portable consoles that dominate the market; do you think it might make sense to buy such a device?




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  1. Would LOVE an S192…bought one…sent it right back…a lameass OS with no write to ext SD…why do they DO that?
    Will the K have Marshmallow or Nougat…doubt it!

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