IPhone 8: Foxconn employees chat about interesting details

Offered in iPhone 8 Picture iPhonerosIPhone 8 Foxconn employees chatting out – From the upcoming Apple premium smartphone iPhone 8 again a picture from China is dipped. You can see a dual camera and a circular fingerprint sensor. A Foxconn employee provides information about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s.

IPhone 8: New picture just a fake?

ApplePhone 8 is a new image in China. You can see a silver case and a vertically arranged dual camera. Even the Apple logo, a microphone and a LED flash are not missing. The pictures have published the website iPhoneros.

The designer Benjamin Geskin, however, doubts the authenticity of the Leak. In a tweet, he calls the illustrated smartphone as an iPhone 8 clone with no real Apple design.

Foxconn employees chatting

Apparently a Foxconn employee has talked. In a Reddit thread the employee gives some to the iPhone 8 (iPhone X), iPhone 7s, as well as other details. Supposedly, there are credible evidence of the identity of the “Foxconnider”. The Leaker is to have a test device from the iPhone X (iPhone 8) presented. According to this, the fingerprint sensor should be integrated under the front panel and the iPhone 8 should enable face recognition and also with the front camera. Other features include a quick charge function, lightning connector without USB Type-C and better water tightness. Except still more information to the iPhone 8, the Tippgeber also provides for the iPhone 7s some information.

The iPhone 8 is scheduled to be presented on time at the September keynote. Geskin has announced in a tweet that Apple has already informed its support about the so-called “Black Out Days”. An optical authentication using a fingerprint sensor directly through the display is to unlock the iPhone 8. This is confirmed by a report by Digitimes referring to the Chinese edition of Economic Daily News.
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