Plex for NVIDIA SHIELD TV now includes live TV and DVR features!

The Plex application for NVIDIA SHIELD TV is updated to include Live TV (beta) and DVR. Moreover, Nvidia offers six months of free subscription for any purchase of a NVIDIA SHIELD.

Plex for NVIDIA SHIELD TV now includes live TV and DVR features!

The Plex streaming application now allows you to watch live TV (1080p resolution, 5.1 surround sound) via the Pass Plex service, record free content, sync videos, music and photos to enjoy it anywhere. Since SHIELD TV is compatible with Plex Media Server, you can record a multitude of programs, movies or sports events with the Plex DVR feature.

The latest version of Plex for SHIELD not only includes live TV and DVR, it also allows you to program your recordings remotely. From there, you can save your programs from any web browser or mobile device. NVIDIA SHIELD allows you to view your content remotely anywhere in the world on all devices compatible with the Plex application.

Here’s how to take advantage of all Plex features on the SHIELD:

– The first step is to create your Pass Plex account. The subscription is available from 4.99 € per month. Once you’ve registered your Plex Pass, you’ll be able to watch live shows, movies, news flashes and sports events, and record them directly on your SHIELD to stream them in high definition on all your devices (PC, Tablets, smartphones, etc.).

– After making the initial configuration of the Plex Pass, it remains to be equipped with a digital tuner and an antenna. For example, a WinTV-DualHD USB tuner of the brand Hauppauge. This dual tuner allows you to record two programs simultaneously. To do this, simply connect it to one of the USB ports of the SHIELD and then to the antenna.

– With the DVR functionality for SHIELD TV, the options for storing its contents are multiple. Programs can be stored directly on SHIELD’s internal storage (including a previously connected USB hard drive), an external device, or NAS devices (up to 24 TB capacity). No expiration date: you can keep records for as long as you want.

– Finally, one of the most interesting features of the DVR mode is to watch its contents anywhere, including abroad, on all compatible devices – thanks to the 1080p transcoding capabilities of the NVIDIA SHIELD. Thanks to the Pass Plex subscription, it is also possible to download its contents on a mobile device to watch them at any time offline. Finally, the DVR feature makes it easy to sort, manage and organize its media collection.



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