IOS App Store: The end of 32-bit apps is getting closer

IOS App Store: The end of 32-bit apps is getting closer

32-bit apps appeared on Sunday evening for a few hours no longer in the search results of Apple’s iOS app store. If you specifically searched for the search input field for corresponding applications, instead received app alternative proposals, which are already available as 64-bit version.

IOS 11 without 32-bit support

The disappearance from the search results just before the WWDC is another indication that iOS 10 might be the last iOS version that supports 32-bit applications. As of iOS 11, Apple should be set to 64 bits.

Already two months ago, developer Steven Troughton-Smith warned his colleagues via Twitter before the end of the 32-bit-support in iOS still this year. Anyone who does not provide a 64-bit update for older apps can not offer the application for iOS 11.

Farewell to rates of 32 bits

Apple’s departure from 32-bit programs does not come as a surprise. Already since the release of iOS 9 in September 2015, Apple warns at the start of corresponding apps before a possible impairment of the system performance. Since iOS 10.3 it is in the warning message that the app will not work in future versions of iOS.

Apple does not mention a specific date for the support end. Most likely, today’s WWDC keynote creates clarity about the 32-bit future of iOS.

Even older hardware could fall through the grid

If Apple in iOS 11 old software placards cut off, the measure probably synonymous 32-bit hardware fall victim. So iOS 10 could be the last version that supports the iOS devices iPhone 5 (2012), iPhone 5c (2013) and iPad 4 (2012) based on 32-bit technology. Apple’s video app clips, for example, is already running on 64-bit devices.



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