Bouygues Telecom: the end of roaming in Europe scheduled for May 29, but the data capped at 25 GB / month maximum

After Orange, which had hit very hard by no longer limiting the roaming of its packages in Europe, it is Bouygues Telecom’s turn to announce its intentions. As of May 29, it will be possible to use its package in Europe “as in France”, at least with regard to calls and SMS. For data, the operator remains very vague and will offer a data envelope for each of its customers “on a case by case” basis.

The end of roaming in Europe is indeed a reality. While the European Union has imposed an obligation on operators to put an end to roaming restrictions on 15 June, Bouygues Telecom will put an end to roaming as early as 29 May.

Unlimited calls and SMS, but a data envelope capped at best at 25 GB per month

In a short blog post, the French operator explains that from this date, it will be possible to use its “package in Europe as in France”. It says: “With all the packages, calls and SMS to France, Europe and the DOM are now available in unlimited Europe”. But it’s much more vague in terms of data: “For the mobile Internet, according to the package held, from 20 MB to 25 GB / month can be used in roaming Europe and DOM”.

Unlike Orange, Bouygues Telecom will not offer data equivalents in France or Europe since the maximum data limit in Europe will be capped at 25 GB per month. For the moment no table or comparative sheet makes it possible to know which envelope is entitled to a specific package.


A roaming data envelope on a case-by-case basis

The Twitter account of Bouygues Telecom seems however aware, since asking what would qualify a package to 4.99 euros with 50 GB of data taken during the promotions last winter, we learn that the latter will have 10 GB Of data in roaming, directly deducted from its monthly data envelope.

Shortly after posing the question on Twitter, a consultant from Bouygues Telecom contacted me to give me some additional details. According to her, “the envelope of data in roaming available in Europe is proposed on a case-by-case basis according to the clients’ file”. This explains why no summary table has been published: envelopes should vary from one client to another, depending on the client’s current offer, the promotions he has benefited from, and possibly his / her seniority. A priori, an SMS will be sent to each customer as of May 29 to inform him of the envelope of data to which he will be entitled. We also contacted the press service of Bouygues Telecom for a little more details.


An upcoming press package and a data bonus for Sensation package customers

The end of roaming is not the only announcement made by Bouygues Telecom this morning. First, Bouygues Telecom will integrate – again on May 29 – a “Bouquet Presse” which will allow access “to unlimited access on smartphone, tablet and computer, to more than 1,000 titles of the national and international press, Daily and magazine “. This is in fact LeKiosk’s offer, which will be available not only for any new subscription to the mobile packages B & You and Sensation, to the fixed Internet offerings (Bbox Miami, Bbox in non-unbundled zone, Bbox Sensation Very High Debit ) And current customers who have a package with 5 GB of data. There is however a size limitation to this offer: it does not apply to customers who have had a promotional offer (like the various packages sold in recent weeks).

Last but not least, Sensation Package customers (based on the 20GB Sensation Package) will receive a free “2x Mobile Bonus”. The principle is simple: by activating the option, it is possible to double its data envelope every month.




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