In the reconquest phase, SFR changes its name to Altice

What is the best solution when its brand alone accounts for more than half of user complaints in 2016? Answer: change his name, quite simply! SFR will change its name and be called Altice.

Farewell SFR and hello Altice. Patrick Drahi and his management have therefore decided to change the name of the mobile operator and French fixed internet for Altice. A change of name that will not only affect the telecom part but will affect all the companies belonging to the current headquarters Altice.


Do not call it more SFR but Altice

For the French, this means first of all that we will no longer speak of SFR, but of Altice-SFR. In 2018, only the Altice brand will remain. Abroad, companies recently bought by Altice will also change their name. This is the case, for example, of the first Portuguese operator, Portugal Télécom, which will be renamed Altice, but also Cablevisionet Suddenlink in the United States or HOT in Israel.

“SFR means French company of radiotelephone. However, we are much more than that, with assets in the fixed and in the media, “explained Michel Combes to the newspaper Le Figaro. “We are abandoning SFR because we are changing dimensions. Altice will no longer be considered as a purely financial holding, it is an industrial group with assets in telecoms, media and advertising, the three pillars of our development “. A new global brand, therefore, which will be more easily recognizable by the general public.


To forget a tarnished brand image

In fact, the leaders of Altice will mainly find a significant advantage: abandoning SFR in France is to get rid of a brand image considerably tarnished in recent months. Since the acquisition of SFR by Altice in 2014, SFR has seen its investments slow down, its employees are merging by a third and their customers are fleeing. In 2016, the operator was pinned many times by consumer associations for its more than questionable after-sales service. A similar situation occurred in Portugal, shortly after the acquisition of Portugal Telecom by Altice.

This name change is timely, as SFR is currently “in the recapturing phase” with upward investments in mobile or more attractive offers in the field of broadband Internet. “The new brand, global, will sound like a new beginning. The new Altice logo, an “a” representing a path, will replace the red square “indicates Le Figaro. That is the least we can hope for.




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