Galaxy S8: hackers succeed in duplicating the sensor of iris using a simple photo and a lens

The Galaxy S8’s iris sensor is one of the security features most prominent by Samsung to promote the safety of its phone. Las, hacker Jan Krissler has already managed to bypass it with relatively simple and inexpensive means.

If you have read our Galaxy S8 test, you already know that the Samsung phone suffers from a major problem: its fingerprint sensor is terribly badly placed in the back of the phone. Samsung responded to this criticism by saying that the iris sensor – capable of detecting the user’s identity through the iris of his eyes – could easily replace it. Yes, but the security is obviously not that high.

A photo with a strong contrast, a contact lens and the turn is played

The hacker Jan Krissler demonstrated in a report and in a video that it was very easy to fool him. To do this, you simply have to bring a camera with a night mode and take a picture of the face of the user at a distance of 5 meters. The night mode of the camera makes it possible to improve the contrast and the brightness of the photo taken.

This photo, precisely, is then cropped so as to display an eye and printed on a conventional printer. To fool the iris sensor, it only remains to pose a contact lens on the photo to give it the appearance of a true human eye. As the video below shows, the Galaxy S8 does not hesitate a second to unlock the phone.

Obviously, manipulation is not particularly simple and requires time and motivation. But hackers actually interested in your phone’s data could perfectly use this kind of method to bluff the phone.

A hacker who is not at his first attempt

It should also be noted that Jan Krissler is not on his first attempt to circumvent the security of telephones. For example, he was the first to demonstrate that it was easy to recreate a fingerprint (from a high-ranking officer, for example) from a high-resolution photo, and it was he Which demonstrated that fingerprint sensors could be easily circumvented using a silicone mold.



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