OnePlus stops production of OnePlus 3T to make room for OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 3T, it’s over. In a message posted on its forums, the Chinese brand announced it had stopped production of its phones. It is still possible to buy, just the time for the company to sell its remaining stocks. A logical decision since OnePlus should no longer delay to announce the OnePlus 5, its new flagship.

OnePlus therefore encourages interested OnePlus last 3T to buy it quickly. The phone is still available on the official website of the brand (to this address) and still costs 439 euros, postage free. It is not known exactly how many copies has OnePlus. But since this is his only phone still for sale on its site, it should still remain more than enough stock.

Make room for a 5 OnePlus probably more expensive

The decision to stop production of OnePlus 3T is logical. OnePlus is about to launch the OnePlus 5, its new high-end smartphone and do not want an “old” device that could compete. Especially since many rumors that the OnePlus 5 will be much more expensive than its big brother.



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