Here’s what the LG V30 looks like with its intriguing dual sliding screen

The blogger-leaker Evan Blass has published a series of reports for the smartphone LG V30, which should be announced and marketed before the end of the year. Curious made since the phone described by Evan Blass has two sliding screens, the first can cover the second. A design that is also reminiscent of the BlackBerry Priv.

For this flight, Evan Blass appears quite unsure of himself. ” Here is an ancient rendering of Joan Project or the future LG V30. It is not certain that this project has continued in that direction . ” Understand is that the supposed images of the LG V30 that one can see in this article are not at all representative of what the phone will be scheduled for the end of the year.

A second screen that fits in context

Anyway, these reports are very intriguing. They show a phone with two screens bunk. The first, the biggest, is then able to cover the second and leaves no longer appear as a thin bar at the bottom of the device to display notifications.

When the upper screen is deployed, the following screen can have many functions. It can both display shortcuts to applications, display a keyboard (hence kinship with BlackBerry Priv) display information from Google Assistant or display a blender to fine tune the sound of his music.

A very attractive futuristic phone

And we must admit that the futuristic look of the thing that makes LG potential V30 very attractive. One also knows nothing of the phone: the pictures show no jack port, there seems to be a double photo-sensor at the back of the device, but it is unclear what will be the technical sheet .

Traditionally the range of LG V is announced at the end of summer and the marketing is done early in the fourth quarter. Remember also that until now LG Vxx have never been marketed in France.



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