Bouygues Telecom: The limited packages, is well finished … But at what price?

Faced with the aggressive offers of its competitors, Free in mind, Bouygues Telecom reacts by integrating unlimited calls and SMS in all its packages.

The French operators are definitely engaged in a merciless war. Not a month passes without one of the belligerents launching an exclusive offer, designed to rally the undecided or the most clever of us.

Today, Bouygues Telecom opens the way with four new packages that include unlimited calls and SMS. The latter replace the small subscriptions limited in time (minimum 2 hours of communication). Good news even if access to data is very limited.

The entry-level offer from B & You includes 20 MB of data. It also exists in “Sensation” version, ie with the possibility of a subsidized mobile, for €12.99.

A similar offer exists with the package integrating 1 GB of data: 14,99€ at B & You and 22,90€ in «Sensation» version. The unlimited B & You package at 20 GB remains at 19.99 € per month, with access to the press package. The version “Sensation” proposes to double the envelope of data.

But Bouygues obviously took the opportunity to increase his tariff. The 2-hour package passes from €4.99 to €7.99. An increase of 37% offset by unlimited. It is therefore quite difficult to complain. In front, free always offers a free package for Freebox subscribers including 2 hours of call, unlimited SMS / MMS and 50 MB of data.

The firm also takes the opportunity to inform its customers that their package is now usable throughout Europe without being subject to additional costs. The same can be said about mobile internet, some of which (eg 5 GB for the 20 GB package) can be used in Europe and the French overseas departments. Customers of the “Sensation” 100 GB package will even be allowed to use 25 GB of mobile internet per month in the United States and Canada.



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