WhatsApp “Color selection”: Chain letter with viruses

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WhatsApp Fake Version – Nasty chain letters spread through Messenger WhatsApp are not a rarity. Currently, a chain letter is circulating in which a supposedly new WhatsApp feature is pointed out. As soon as a link is clicked, malicious software is sent to the smartphone.

WhatsApp: Chain Letter Installs Viruses

For cybercriminals WhatsApp is a paradise. More and more so-called chain letters are being circulated, which promise a lot, but ultimately access only personal data, to install malicious software or to rip off.

At the moment a chain letter, which promises a new WhatsApp feature, is circulating again. However, the alleged new color selection holds only a nasty surprise for the WhatsApp user. In the current case, cheaters try to lure the user into a virus trap using a simple trick.

Link leads to website with malicious software

In the popular news, a new WhatsApp feature is made public. Suppose a color selection is activated after a link confirmation. Even the URL used in the message should be heard, because it consists of Cyrillic letters. Through the Twitter account of Jaana Nyström attention is drawn to the chain letter.

As soon as the WhatsApp user follows the link, he is redirected to his page, on which a color selection can be activated. As is often the case with chain letters, users are animated to share the message with friends or groups. According to the website Mimikama.at the mobile phone begins to vibrate incessantly, instead of activating a color selection. In addition, several pop-up windows are opened. Such messages should be deleted immediately and under no circumstances should a link be typed! If the message was shared by a friend, the contact should be drawn to the fake.
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