Vodafone: Some customers are permanently 1 GB free

Vodafone 1GB free – Vodafone customers who use a Red Sox or smart tariff should take a look at the My Vodafone app. Apparently, the network operator given away to some customers 1 GB per month, which can be used permanently.

Vodafone 1 GB free

Apparently away Vodafone to some customers free data volume without officially informed about the action. How Cashys blog reports, found some customers in the My Vodafone app offering a free gigabytes available and could enable it for their fare.

Are entitled to the information pursuant to customers with a Red Sox or smart deal, the activation is under “My contract” in the “Options” possible. Whether all customers with eligible fares will enjoy the action or whether only selected customers to participate, is not known.

Vodafone has presented 1GB

In the Action Details Vodafone explains:

Their confidence pleased. Therefore, we will reward you with a little attention. And provide 1 GB high-speed addition. Best of all, you get this from now on every month. Durable and no extra cost to your current tariff. You need yourself to worry about anything – the other components of your contract will not change .

Vodafone customers who use a legitimate collective bargaining should take a look at the My Vodafone app and see if they can activate the bonus for their fare.



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