Sphero launches Flash McQueen in mobile version

Sphero, which has made a name for itself in the field of connected toys – and especially balls to be controlled from a mobile application – continues its fruitful collaboration with Disney.

The manufacturer had already launched a miniature and rather successful version of BB-8, the Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars robot. Since then, Sphero has even offered a wristband to drive the ball to the strength of the wrist!

A model with a personality

On the occasion of the forthcoming release in the Cars 3 theaters (August 2 in France), Sphero and Disney re-enact a model of the hero of the Pixar saga: Flash McQueen in person! This is the first model car-shaped for the manufacturer, and in the image of the movie star, the toy is full of personality.

The miniature car incorporates five engines that allow it to move in all directions, to lift itself, but also to animate its mouth (for the eyes, it is an LCD screen). What makes the model more realistic, if you will. Sphero also installed tactile zones on the body to wake up Flash and make it speak.

The model’s range is 40 minutes and it can reach a speed of 10 km / h. The mobile application of course allows to “drive” the car, the manufacturer proposing not only a training mode but also activities and games. Sphero will market this car around June 16, at a price of $ 299.




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