Dog and bones in your icons? No fear, they are just test versions

It happens often that some users receive error-proof versions of installed app installs, due to some misunderstanding in the Google update system. In these cases, usually a small dog screen appears on the application icon, pointing out that it is a test version that may have new features but may be unstable.

It may also happen as you see in the cover image, that some applications, in this case YouTube, look different from the normal. In the case of YouTube, the classic triangular icon has been replaced by a dog bone, triggering some alarm in less experienced users.


Recently, some users have received a test version of Gboard in which the dog’s footage on the spatial bar is visible, to recall that it is a test version. If, therefore, you happen to have or have found a few dogs in your home page do not worry, these are “dogfood” versions of development. Of applications.

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