Nintendo Switch: Online subscription costs 20 euros per year

Nintendos online service for the game console switch (test) will be cheaper than competitions. However, the official start of the payment service with all the functions will shift to the next year. The online modes of switch games can be used up to then free of charge.

At the start of the console, the information on the switch subscription was still incomplete. Many of these open points have been solved in the past few hours, including the prize: Nintendo will pay around four euros for one month, eight euros for three months and twenty euros for twelve months.

In addition to accessing online modes of games, a subscription will allow access to an online lobbying and voice chat app to promote the communication and organization of players. Subscribers will also receive exclusive eShop offers with discounts and access to Nintendo classics.


More free games

Unlike initially announced, paying customers will not receive one game per month with potentially limited access time. Instead, access to a “Classic Game Selection” is granted. This collection is available as a library for the duration of the subscription. Among them are NES games such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario. Software of the SNES later to draw draws Nintendo “into consideration,” said the group opposite Kotaku. All games are updated with online features.

The app comes later

The start of the full offer will, however, be delayed. An explanation for the delay does not exist, but the development of the service integral to the online features is delayed. This is first published in a free, functional limited version in summer. The market launch will take place when the promised features are fully available. Until then, the online modes of switch games like Mario Kart 8 or the upcoming Splatoon 2 are available at no extra cost.



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