Watched, Apple: Even North Korea now has an “IPad”!

We are located in 2017 AD All Asia produces high-quality tech gadgets … All of Asia? No! A country populated by indomitable North Koreans does not cease to resist progress.

One way or another could describe the state in the Far East. North Korea is surrounded by countries such as South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, which are known worldwide for producing top technology. The communist country is an absolute exception and is lagging behind in many areas of global development.

This is not accepted as a normal North Korean, because Kim Jong-un as the “Supreme Leader” of the so-called “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, as chairman of the DPRK’s National Affairs Committee, as a commander-in-chief of the Korean People’s Army and chairman of the Korean Labor Party To control precisely what is happening in his country and what is not.

… and we do not mind: the North Koreans are not getting very much from the outside, instead they get drunk, that their country is the greatest on this planet and their beloved leader is the most generous man who ever walked on earth. If you are so isolated, not only get nothing from the world, but also lag behind technologically.

This of course does not stop the North Koreans from trying their luck. Your advantage: The North Korean users have no comparison to other products anyway and buy the government really any slanting marketing stunt off. In addition, no one cares about brand or patent rights.

With the latter we can explain why suddenly an IPad in North Korea appeared on the market, which is logically nothing to do with the namesake from Cupertino. To be honest, the “Ryonghung iPad” from the Myohyang IT Company, as the device is complete, is not even a real tablet. This is also a look at the following picture:


What we see there looks more like a netbook, which many years ago could have been so similar in a surprise egg. Visually, it has nothing to do with the high-end products that Apple’s (non-North Korean) people cheers.

According to the manufacturer, however, the highly popular planer can also keep technically what the optics promises. This means that even under the hood only components are used, which are really not worth mentioning. Do you want to hear the Specs nevertheless? Okay – Watched: A quad-core SoC with a clock of 1.2 GHz drives the part and there is 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory.

In total, “over 40 apps” are preinstalled, with which you could do all sorts of things, for example, create documents, read, etc. The absolute killer feature, however, should be the disease tracker, which can literally and over 1,200 diseases and suffering And then propose the appropriate treatment options. I do not know the North Korean health system, but I guess times that one already very desperate, very naive or both must be, in order to keep health issues to this device.

The brochure also reveals that the tablet / netbook was highly appreciated by North Korean trade fairs and has also been certified according to a local “Good Manufacturing Practice” system (which, of course, does not say anything at all). Unfortunately, we can not tell you a price, which is also half as wild – to Germany you can import the IPad anyway. This is by the way also great for Apple, because unlike the real iPad, the North Korean version comes at least even with an HDMI port and a keyboard! 😉

I will sometimes stop my eyes, if you somewhere further pictures or even a video aufdrreiben and would be the here if necessary in the article (says in the comments notice if you find something corresponding). In addition, I have sent our external reporter Mark Kreuzer to North Korea and South Korea, where he wants to create a very badly paid smuggling team to the north. If he can ever get out of North Korea again, we’ll show you his hands on;)



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