Bookeen Nolim, the Carrefour reader who wants to look like a real book

Bookeen has just announced a brand new version of its Nolim reading lamp that focuses on design and ergonomics.

“A book reader that would first be a book … but better”

As of today marketed in Carrefour stores, this model still benefits from an improvement in its characteristics compared to the latest Nolimbook + HD. However, its creators prefer to insist that their new reading light has been redesigned “to immerse the consumer in the heart of reading” by opting for a design close to a real book, with an integrated silicone cover that turns on or off Automatically.

With a battery life of about 3 weeks depending on manufacturer, the 6-inch reader has 8 GB of memory, a backlit 1024 x 758 e-ink touch screen, physical buttons (front page, page Rear, menu and frontLight), connects to Wi-Fi and recharges in USB. Equipped with an accelerometer, it can be used by right-handers as well as left-handers, without the cover hindering you.

With its built-in Wi-Fi, the player can directly access a library of more than 260,000 titles and download a new book in less than a minute.

Available in five colors (water green, bordeaux, orange, gray anthracite and light gray), count 129,90 euros to buy.



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