Consumer Center: Beware of counterfeit tax

Consumer Center: Beware of counterfeit tax

Caution against counterfeit tax complaints – The consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia warns against fake tax assessments, the fraudsters currently send by e-mail. These promise repayments in the three-digit range and try to move imprudent users to enter personal data.

Taxes by e-mail

Fraudsters are currently trying to gain access to the personal data of unsupervised consumers with a new mesh. As reported by the consumer center in North Rhine-Westphalia, more and more counterfeit tax receipts are entering users’ accounts, which promise a three-digit repayment.

The Federal Central Tax Office, the tax office or ELSTER is given as the sender. In order to receive the refund, the recipients should call up a web page linked to the mail and provide their personal data there. “All queried data go directly and unencrypted to the fraudsters”, explains the consumer center. “The phishing radar of the consumer center NRW is currently reporting a conspicuous accumulation of such mail attacks.”

Beware of counterfeit tax

The financial authorities are already warning: “The tax administration will never request information such as the tax number, account connections, credit card numbers, PIN or the response to your security query in an e-mail.” Anyone who receives such an e-mail should not disclose any personal data And no attachments open. These are often provided with malicious software, which spread unintentionally on the computer. Whether it is actually a correct tax mail, should be asked in advance with the financial authorities.

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