Tchibo mobile: Family rate started for up to 5 members

Tchibo car Familientarif – Tchibo mobil now offers its customers a family tariff for up to five members. Interested parties have the choice between the family rates S, M and L with up to 8 GB.

Tchibo car Familientarif

In the online shop of Tchibo mobile, the family tariff is ready, which can be booked with the three family offers S, M and L. Up to five Sim cards can be added to the family rate, which can be used by relatives or friends. Each sim card includes a voice and SMS flat in all German networks.

A mobile data record is also included, the respective data volume is distributed individually by the owner of the main map. The Family S provides a total of 3 GB, the family tariffs M and L each 5 GB and 8 GB.

Tchibo explains the system as follows:

If a family chooses the Family M tariff, it can divide a data volume of 5 gigabytes individually: Papa Tom uses his mobile phone also professionally, so he needs a high data volume. The nine-year-old Lisa is not yet so much mobile surfing, so she gets less data volume. And Mama needs about half as much data as Daddy. As a “steward”, Tom is a billing recipient of the Family Benefit.

Tchibo mobile Family rates S, M and L

The three family rates S, M and L cost 29.99 euros, 34.99 euros and 39.99 euros per month. The main card is included in the price, each additional card costs 5 Euro per month. Adding or disabling Sim cards is possible at the beginning of each month. Tchibo mobil also offers a pause. In addition, users of the Family Tariff can switch between packages S, M and L on a monthly basis.

There is no fixed minimum contract term, the tariffs can be canceled or changed monthly. The maximum surfing speed is 21.6 Mbit / s and is throttled to GPRS level up to 64 Kbps after reaching the volume limit.

At, the family benefit is now available.
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