Watch privacy on Android: More than 70% of apps will collect user data

A recent study reveals disturbing data on the safety of mobile device: according to data reported well seven out of ten applications on the Play Store would share user data with third party companies interested in this information. To conduct the study was made an application, Lumen Privacy Monitor, able to analyze the other applications installed on the user’s device, with permission, to find out if they were collecting data and, if so, who were sending them . The data collected by Lumen are then displayed to the user.

During the search were taken into consideration more than 5000 applications through Lumen, installed by more than 1,600 people as far back as 2015. However, although 70% may seem a surprising result, it must be said that many applications collect information from ‘ user as an integral part of their operation : Google Maps, for example, would be useless if he had access to the location. In addition, users have the option to deny or grant permissions to applications thanks to the capabilities statements included in recent versions of Android .

Problems arise when applications trace the activities performed by users on the web : more than half of those tested do. In this case there is no way at present to know what will make the developers of these data.



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