O2 Free 15 action including iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8

o2 Free 15 Action – The o2 birthday tariff o2 Free 15 is available with attractive smartphones up to and including 25 June 2017. The network operator not only combines the Apple iPhone 7, but the Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8.

o2 Free Action 15

The space available for a few weeks in the online shop Action tariff o2 Free 15 is available in the Simonly version for 29.99 euros and can optionally be combined with a smartphone. Interested parties can book at a special price and take advantage of attractive discounts him to 25 June 2017 an Apple iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8.

Both smartphones are available including tariff in the first year of 49.99 euros, and in the second year of 59.99 euros per month. The one-time purchase price is 1 euro. The Apple iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 are recognized over the o2 My Handy financing and billed separately.

o2 Free 15 15GB and LTE

The o2 Free 15 promotional rate includes a language Flat to all German networks and a SMS flat. The mobile data flat provides a monthly data of 15 GB at maximum LTE speeds of 225 Mbit / s. After reaching the volume limit throttling comes to 1 Mbit / s via UMTS and HSDPA are used. in the collective EU roaming beyond is Flat.

The action bundles consisting of o2 Free 15 iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are available now and can be booked to 25 June 2017 www.o2online.de.



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