Consumer protection: mobile information leaflets without legal relevance

© Ingo Bartussek - Fotolia.comMobile information leaflets are not relevant– On 1 June 2017, the Transparency Regulation entered into force, which stipulates that the supplier should be informed more closely about their tariffs and contracts. The Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband criticizes the fact that customers still have no way to demand the promised contents.

Mobile information leaflets are not relevant

From now on, vendors must provide product information sheets to their customers and provide relevant data on the tariff and contract, such as the content of the offer, the duration, the notice periods and the validity of promotional prices. The data sheets are part of the Transparency Regulation adopted at the end of 2016.

However, the new regulations do not go far enough to the consumer center federation. “Consumers now get a better overview of their contract options. However, they can not legally demand compliance, “explains Lina Ehrig, Head of Team Digital and Media at vzbv. “Unfortunately, the regulation remains a toothless tiger despite good intentions.”

Tariff content is not legally required

The bandwidth promised in the product information sheets can not be legally requested by customers. “Consumers are still dependent on the goodwill of their suppliers,” says Lina Ehring. If this does not respond to the demand, consumers have hardly any possibilities to counter this. Consumers are therefore calling for an extension of the rights which allow customers to switch to a more favorable tariff, reduce their tariffs or exercise a special right of termination.

The vzbv also calls on the Federal Network Agency to establish binding parameters for the minimum, maximum and normally available data transmission rate and to create a liability for the providers. The new regulation is nevertheless positive, says Lina Ehring: “Consumers do not have to deal with the most important information from the general terms and conditions themselves. This makes daily life easier for consumers. ”

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