WhatsApp Update: Emojis get new search function

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WhatsApp with Emoji search function – Although the sending of Emojis is already integrated in WhatsApp for a long time, it is very tedious for the user to search for specific emojis. In a current Android beta version of the messenger, a new search function has been populated, which allows a direct search for Emojis.

WhatsApp: Update with Emoji search function

In the meantime, there are so many Emojis in WhatsApp for sending that it is cumbersome and time-consuming to select a special smileys.

About 1000 smileys in all possible color versions are ready to beautify a message. Although the Emojis are sorted by category, a selection remains difficult. In a beta version of the messenger for Android, a search function for Emoijs is dipped. The official release of the new search function will probably be integrated in the next weeks.

Install the search function right now

To facilitate a search for matching Emojis WhatsApp plans a search function. The new feature is already known for a GIF search from the database. In the current beta version of WhatsApp, for example, the word “hand” can be entered, which then only shows emojis that depict a hand in some form, reports the WhatsApp specialist Leaker WABetaInfo.

Although the new search function is not yet officially integrated or activated in WhatsApp, the update with the build number 2.17.202 can already be downloaded via APK Mirror. If you do not want to wait for the new feature and want to install the update, you should be aware that downloading via third or “unknown” sources is at your own risk.
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