PTC accelerates on Industry 4.0 strategy

PTC accelera sulla strategia Industria 4.0

PTC has announced several new initiatives to support its growth strategy for Industry 4.0, which will enable businesses to unlock all the potential of physical and digital convergence and transform their production systems. These include collaboration with McKinsey & Company, strategic activities for Industry 4.0 with acatech, the German Academy of Sciences and Engineering, and the forthcoming launch of applications for related operations developed on the IoT ThingWorx platform.

PTC collaborates with hundreds of global manufacturers to support and develop their respective Industry 4.0 strategies. PTC’s Industry 4.0 new initiatives include:

PTC’s partnership with McKinsey & Company, the world’s leading management consulting firm, to create a global network of Digital Capabilities (DCC) Digital Capability Centers for Industry 4.0. Through the use of PTC technology solutions, DCCs aim to support companies at every stage of the digital transformation path. They will offer a realistic production environment, digital message boards with industry technology demonstration 4.0, and experimental skills building workshops to foster training and knowledge of Industry 4.0. The first DCC opened to Aachen (Germany) on March 30, and others followed it to Singapore, Beijing, Chicago and Venice. In addition to McKinsey & Company, among other PTC partners in Industry 4.0 initiatives are the leading GE, National Instruments and OSIsoft producers. In addition, PTC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are collaborating on the development of new IoT solutions to apply to industrial use cases.
PTC’s contribution as a member of the acatech consortium to the development of the Maturity Index of Industry 4.0, which will enable companies to evaluate their current capabilities in this area and to define a structured digital action plan that includes phases and The skills needed to realize their own value potential. The index will also offer a new multidimensional measurement and production, logistics and research, development, services, sales and marketing assessment.
The PTC offer of new applications for operations related to Industry 4.0. New applications developed on the ThingWorx platform are designed to unify and contextualize digital data from corporate IT systems with operational and physical data collected from machines and sensors to enable manufacturers to exploit more than 4.0 full potential.

Industry 4, often identified as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, represents the transformation of production processes through the adoption of intelligent and connected operations and products and exploits the greatest innovations in digital technology: Big Data Analysis and Data Edge, Communications, Security And advanced networking, robotic, artificial intelligence, additive production, increased reality, mobile, rapid application development and IoT. Combined, these technologies can communicate the physical and digital worlds, allowing manufacturers to get an in-depth and real-time view of their operations, and then increase efficiency and flexibility, reduce costs, and improve product quality .

Commonly known as Industry 4.0, the concept is now globally shared. It is also the standard for Made in China 2025 and is influencing decisively on Smart Manufacturing initiatives in the United States. Although often associated with the manufacturing sector, adjoining market segments, including public services, smart city, petrochemicals and healthcare, have begun adopting its principles and technologies.、“”

“PTC continues to focus on initiatives that enable manufacturers to realize the potential of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing,” said Kathleen Mitford, Executive Vice President, PTC. “Along with the Matatech Index of acatech and strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as McKinsey & Company, the forthcoming launch of applications for related operations will enable our customers to gain valuable insight from these initiatives for Industry 4.0.”

In addition, PTC’s IoT Transformation Advisory Practice offers value-added workshops and services to provide companies with further support for their Industry 4.0 strategies.




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