Play Pokéland, the new Pokémon game for Android, by downloading the APK

Play Pokéland, the new Pokémon game for Android, by downloading the APK

Pokéland , the new mobile game The Pokémon Company , arrived in the Play Store version alpha and, as expected, is available to download for a few lucky testers residing in Japan.

However, this is not a big deal because it is ready to download the APK Pokéland and this means that in a few steps you can install it and play it in your device, but on condition that you know the Japanese.

Pokéland, in fact, is fully localized in Japanese language and therefore, despite functions without any kind of problem in the Italian accounts with devices, you might encounter some difficulty in playing.

With a little ‘intuition, or perhaps using Google Translate, you can still move forward through screens, play, choose your customizations and have fun, even with all the limitations imposed by language.

Pokéland, at first glance, since we only played for a few minutes, seems to work well, do not present problems of any kind, although it is only in version alpha , and be fun and well done.

The purpose, for the uninitiated, is to capture the more than 130 available Pokémon traveling between the islands and you are facing Pokémon battles, which are to fight against other Pokémon (to attack just tap the touch screen).

Anyone wishing to try it then has to do is download the APK from APKMirror, copy it to a device with an Android version greater than or equal to 4.4 and install it. Let us know if you find it interesting.



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