Surface Phone will bring a whole new Windows 10 Mobile

Surface Phone will bring a whole new Windows Mobile 10

It ‘a fact that Microsoft from moving point of view today has very little to say. Last year the market share of its operating system for smartphones and tablets have stopped to 4.2% in Europe and globally were almost insignificant. For years, the Redmond company is trying to launch its ecosystem and despite many Lumia products were appreciated, in a few aggiornavano them because the user experience was always unsatisfactory. Not long ago, the CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed the company’s commitment in the mobile, and now it turns out that might get a completely revised version of 10 Windows Mobile.

The news was revealed by two sources inside site. Microsoft is working on a new ecosystem software optimized for the infamous Surface Phone and will be completely different from what is available today. It has long been rumored that the smartphone will be a sort of notebook (perhaps with folding screen) and so it is likely that Microsoft will try to propose a universal product in terms of software and at the base of its Universal App. The launch of Windows 10 S also confirms the will of the software giant to offer its own online store for apps, although the gap with the App store and Play store seems unbridgeable.

Microsoft can not help but focus on the software with regard to its re-launch in the smartphone industry because from the hardware point of view many companies are far ahead of her in double cameras, facial recognition and iris and Touch ID. We must also say that this summer with the arrival of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update iOS and Android users benefit from the same possibility of synchronization on the desktop of those who exploit Windows. The decision to create a more unified ecosystem could prove a new hole in the water. However, the same sources claim that this revised version of 10 Windows Mobile will not arrive until a year or maybe even two. We must therefore wait to find out if Microsoft manages to get out of the abyss into which fell in the smartphone sector.



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