Twitter introduces the ability to see a preview of direct messages sent by unknown users


Twitter introduced a new feature that could come in handy to many users from now on it is possible to read a preview of direct messages from any user who is not followed . In this way, the sender does not have the ability to see the message as read until it is accepted by the recipient. It is important to point out that the media will not be shown in the preview.

This feature will certainly be welcome to users who make heavy use of private messages and pose no restrictions to be contacted, but at the same time do not want to have their inbox clogged with messages from unknown. However, the ability to accept or reject requests for messaging will not be available on Twitter client third party .

request direct messages in TwitterIf you think you have already seen this feature, because it  is very similar to that which exists on Facebook , where for some time there is the possibility to refuse requests for message. This also Twitter users will be able to have more control than people from which they can be contacted.

The functionality is slowly making available both on the website of the social network on Android and iOS applications; there will need to make updates, changes are taking place server side .



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