Sony has delivered the last PlayStation 3 in Japan


11 years after the market launch, Sony finally has the sale of the PlayStation 3 to dealers in Japan. The last devices were produced in December 2016 – now they are sold out, a small note points to Sony’s Japanese PS3 page. Anyone who wants to buy one now has to hope for manufacturers in other countries where the PS3 will continue to be produced.

The PlayStation 3 was sold 70 million times in 7 years. At the beginning, it was difficult for her to do so: through the immense success of her predecessors, Sony was able to call up a price of 500 euros, which was mad at the time. Exclusive top titles such as Uncharted, Heavy Rain, The Last Of US, and Metal Gear Solid 4 showed what gamers can get out of the console – and how important they were to their success.

The end of PS3 in Japan is not a good news for PS3 owners in the rest of the world. Sony has already announced, PS Now completely want to move to PS4 and PC.



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