Nintendo is launching Pokéland, a new game dedicated to Pokémon, but only in Japan

If you are tired of the slow pace with which Niantic is releasing updates for Pokémon GO and would like a new Pokémon game for your Android smartphone, be aware that your request may soon be met. In fact, Nintendo is releasing the alpha version of a new game that has small monsters for protagonists.

It’s called Pokéland, will be available for Android and iOS and for the moment it’s reserved to 10,000 lucky users who have been able to sign up for the first test phase. The title will once again see the player engaged in controlling the Pokémon in a series of duels across various islands with the ability to collect and train a lot of other creatures.


The testers will have 6 islands, 52 locations, 15 levels and 134 monsters, although the results obtained in the alpha version will not be available in the final version of the game. For the moment, unfortunately, there is no information on the possibility of launching an international version for which we only have to wait and hope.



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