Police Lower Saxony warns against Ransomware Jaff

© Creativa - Fotolia.comPolice Lower Saxony warns – The police Niedersachsen warns against the Ransomware “Jaff”, which is hidden in the appendix of a harmlessly enamelling enamel. Anyone who falls for the trick has to count on the encryption of his data and the demand for a ransom.

Police Lower Saxony warns

Internet users should beware of the Ransomware “Jaff”, which is currently distributed by email. As the police warns Lower Saxony, the malicious software hides in a harmless e-mail and can cause great damage.

The email can be identified by its subject “Invoice” and a random number. In the short text the reader is thanked for his order and asked to open the appendix. “The attachment is a PDF file with attached Word document. This means the Word document is directly integrated into the PDF and for the user is actually only a PDF file to detect, “explains the police.

Beware of Ransomware “Jaff”

The hidden Word file contains a macro, which “Jaff” unintentionally downloads from the Internet and installs on the computer. “If you open the PDF file, the Word document is executed using the Java script. This has to be confirmed by the user, “it says. The Word document that opens now displays a macro warning. If you confirm this, “Jaff” opens all doors to the home computer.

The malicious software begins to encrypt the computer and the connected network drives. “After successful encryption the files with the extension” .wlu “are renamed and (sic) decryption instructions are stored as html, txt and png in each folder.” Anyone who wants to release them again is asked to pay a ransom.

Do not open unknown emails or attachments

In order to avoid “Jaff”, emails from unknown senders should be treated with caution. Dubious sender, subject lines and contents may be an indication of the malicious software contained. Under no circumstances should the attachments be opened for these emails. Anyone who does this and receives the macro warning of the Word document should not confirm it.

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