Samsung shows the Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung shows the notebook 9 Pro

Samsung has announced the notebook 9 Pro, a new laptop in a 13 – will come version on the market “and 15”. The Windows 10 devices are naturally equipped with touch screen and also can be once a Convertible style completely folded down. The S Pen, so the stylus, Samsung supplies with the same. When pen is the same, the company has used already for the Galaxy Book and the Galaxy Tab S3. What is new is that a slot is provided in the housing of the computer for the S Pen, quite so, then, as it is known by the central smartphones from Samsung.

The tip of the S Pen is 0.7 millimeters thin, the pen itself can recognize up to 4,000 pressure levels.

In the notebook 9 Pro the latest generation i7 processor is used. In the 15 “model can even with a dedicated graphics card – the Radeon 540 with 2GB of memory -.. Be equipped The new laptops support fast charging via USB Type-C, for which you can also use the charger of a smartphone to the concrete loading times expressed Samsung is currently not yet. The same goes for prices and availability.



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