Essential Phone: This is the mobile phone of the Android inventor

If the inventor of the Android operating system can develop a mobile phone, one can look: The Essential Phone, which was presented now, makes at first sight what. Simple design, $700 price, modularly expandable (for example, a 360-degree retractable camera) and high resolution screen with 2560 × 1312 pixels and 5.71 inch image diagonals. Drin beats a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (it runs also Windows 10 on it), there are 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage space.

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The dual camera system works according to the principle of the Huawei P9 and P10: One camera is a conventional sensor with 13 MP, the second takes with monochrome image data. This allows either more true black-and-white recordings, or both data can be combined for visual effects and better visualization.

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Not bad is the equipment: a 3 Ah battery, Bluetooth 5.0, WLAN with 802.11ac, USB Type-C, GPS, fingerprint sensor, 4G LTE and various radio bands for worldwide mobile radio reception.

The device weighs 185 grams and is 141.5 × 71.1 × 7.8 cm in size. There is no analog audio output – how a pity. The device comes in two colors for pre-ordering: Black Moon and Pure White – Stellar Gray and Ocean Depths will be there later.

The special feature of the concept is the expandability of the device – the so for years to date to remain. For example, there is now a 360-degree camera to order (currently for $ 50 instead of $ 200).

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The criticism is not long in coming. Anonymous Coward, for example, writes very well at Slashdot:

“This seems to have a glass back like the iPhone 4, no analog audio output, no removable battery, no SD card loos, a proprietary charging cable, but Android runs on it, so it’s ok, right?”

Although the glass does not correspond to Rubin, the case is made of titanium and ceramics. But the rest of the criticism is, of course, all the better: another mobile phone that is supposed to revolutionize everything and is only a copy of a copy. The time of mobile phone innovation, ladies, gentlemen and undefeated, is over!



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