WD / SanDisk show new SSD generation

Last year, Western Digital has indeed brought the purchase of SanDisk home and dry, now it is a result of business: SSDs with SanDisk-developed 3D NAND technology (Samsung is the memory-generation 3D NAND V ) with SSDs are again bigger, cheaper, more compact, more energy efficient and longer lasting. The new chips are two pretty identical product lines marketed ( WD Blue and SanDisk Ultra 3D ), each coming with 226 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB capacity, the smallest model will cost around $ 100, while the read / write rates of 550 and 525 MB / s offers, while the larger variants are still a little faster (550 and 560 MB / s) but do not have any prices. All SSDs both product lines are also quite durable be (1.75 million hours MTTF mean time to failure ), even if Samsung this value with his last (high-priced) Pro 850 -models can still easily beat.



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