Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Allnet Flat now available with 2 GB

Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Allnet Flat – The Vodafone prepaid tariff CallYa Smartphone Allnet Flat is now available with improved conditions. The tariff is now waiting with 2GB volume and provides LTE speeds up to 500 Mbit / s ready.

Vodafone Allnet Flat CallYa Smartphone

In the online store of Vodafone prepaid tariff CallYa Smartphone Allnet Flat is available immediately with a higher volume of data. The tariff costs 22.50 euros and is valid for four weeks. The price includes a voice and SMS flat and contain a mobile data flat.

yet these offered a monthly capacity of 1 GB, now is a data volume of 2 GB ready. Surf the maximum speed is 500 Mbit / s and is realized via LTE. After reaching the volume limit the maximum data rate to GPRS level with up to 32 Kbit / s is throttled.

Vodafone Improves CallYa tariff

In addition to the services included within Germany, the rate is also equipped with an EU roaming option. However, abroad applies no unlimited flat, Vodafone limited its use in star text on 10,000 units, which can be used for call minutes and SMS. The mobile data volume is available in full and abroad.

A fixed minimum term does not exist, the CallYa Smartphone Allnet Flat may be terminated monthly. Currently CallYa customers can continue to take the CallYa GigaBoost to complete, which provides you 10 GB at no extra charge.

Under the revised www.vodafone.de Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Allnet Flat is for new and existing customers.



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