Handrop: An electrode against the hand welding

Handrop product photo

Our colleagues at the Computex in Taipeh are sweating, they write. But they met Tony Cueva from Peru, who wanted to help at least for the sweating zone: A futuristic-looking desk-top electrode, which should rescue the irritated sweat glands somehow by electrostimulation – the website is not explained and the explanations given by the inventor to our colleague , Are also not much more meaningful.

Only so much: In the near future, the device is to be brought to the stage of development through crowdfunding. The cheapest version would cost $ 180.

My feeling: The treatment of hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, is not trivial. There is a DC therapy which irritates the ion channels of the welding cells and is thus intended to slow the welding production. But this too is an elaborate process, which is medically accompanied.

Whether a three-person team has actually invented a new, simple form of therapy without any medical expertise, or only a crowdfunding bait, will show up. I do not rub my hands in anticipation.



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