The next Universalkarte saves half a million of the crowd

Crowdfunding history repeats itself? Hopefully not, but in this case one can be skeptical: The Universal Card Fuze collects more than one lap around one month after the Universal Plastics Card Plastc has failed, with which the Plastc Kickstarter supporters can write off some 9 million dollars Half million at Indiegogo. The basic function is the same, in the case of the Fuze Card of the start-up BrillianT, the data of up to 30 credit cards, loyalty cards and so on can be stored on an encrypted chip, then one can zap according to the situation by the stored data, whereby A small e-paper display shows which function has just been selected. In order to make use of this, a PIN must be entered or the paired smartphone must be close to Bluetooth. The Indiegogo campaign is still going on for about three weeks.

Fuze Card – Your Whole Wallet in One Card from Fuze Card on Vimeo.



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