O2: Prepaid activation from 1 July on video ident and in the shop

O2 Prepaid Activation – As of 1 July 2017, prepaid providers will need to have a closer look at the identity of their customers and to see the identity card. Telefónica uses its own data, especially on the video-ident procedure and the verification by shop.

O2 Prepaid activation

The Anti-Terrorism Act, adopted at the end of 2016, enters into force on July 1, 2017, and provides prepaid providers with the task of accurately checking the identity of their customers before activation of the SIM card. So far, they were able to purchase the sim cards in the stores of various food counters, gas stations, kiosks and similar sales outlets, and then activate them themselves. Verification of the information provided – name, date of birth and address – was only rarely carried out. Many customers gave fantasies and wrong addresses.

As o2 explained in a blog entry, the company will mainly rely on the video-ident procedure and the matching of the data in a shop on site. “Prepaid is and remains an important offer for us, our customers and our partners,” says Alfons Lösing, Managing Partner of Telefónica Deutschland responsible for partn management. “We will continue to bring attractive prepaid services to the market, so we focus on making the activation process as easy and convenient as possible for customers.”

O2 relies on video ident methods

Prepaid cards are only issued in the shop, if the personal data are matched with the identification. “The sales staff then collect the data required by law, create a checkout copy and transfer it to the provider’s head office. An employee checks the data again. If everything is correct, the card is cleared. The evisceration is cleared quickly. Customers do not have to do anything themselves, “explains o2.

Online orders will be verified as of July 1, 2017 via the Video-Ident-Procedure. Customers talk about a video connection with an employee and show their identification via a camera. “Again, the data is sent back to the vendor’s central office, where it must be checked again before it is released,” he says.

In the coming weeks, the individual Telefónica brands will present concrete solutions. “The goal is that the actual activation process takes only a few minutes.”
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