DrnkPay: Card-stopper for party drinkers

Exceptionally a wearable, which is not only to the tracken of sports and other healthy activities there. May we introduce: DrnkPay. A portable system that measures the user’s alcohol content and comes with a corresponding app. The idea of ​​DrnkPay is as follows: You know the scenario. One is on the way at night and the handle in the wallet sits particularly loosely. Suddenly you give big rounds, tattoo, drive into shady establishments, everything should be in the Suff already occur and everyone who has ever experienced such a thing wants either a time machine (unrealistic) or even Drnkpay. For when a certain alcohol level has been reached (the value can be set individually), the credit card / bank card is blocked. So no more Dom Perignon at the table dance bar. This is called discipline by technique and one would like to think that it is also without. But of course, the makers look different.



Ivy is loves technology and has been addicted to it since childhood. Apart from tech, she loves watching sci-fi / historical documentaries and traveling to new places.

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