BookcaseFinder: App lists cabinets for book exchange

Book cabinet Finder App lists cabinets for book exchange on

In Germany the exchange of reading material on bookcases is becoming increasingly popular. The one hand, these provide a means to empty the overflowing shelves, others go so free and new books. An app is now easier to find such exchange stations.

Shhh … do you want a book?

The principle of the now more than 1,400 popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland bookcases is simple: set up public areas, everyone can anonymously use it, or just insert unrecognized Books, an obligation does not exist. However, experience shows that the offer is made use more frequently, but rarely exploited. Even hotels offer more and more often to such cabinets because often brought along reading material is left in the hotel so that the bags not to exceed the return journey the approved weight.

However, a finding for local strangers often contradicts the simplicity thoughts of the institution. This book blogger Tobias Zeising will now change with the app book cabinet Finder and the combination of Google Maps and GPS. Although there were several lists of bookcases, but this would in his opinion, more rough than normal, also quickly become obsolete.

Current and complete directory as the target

The aim of the app is a steady current and complete list of exchange points in order so that the ” excellent idea of public book exchange cabinets to promote” further. UPON Zeising had ” tapped into existing pages that are already public bookcases list ” – including Wikipedia, or his opinion rather poorly kept lists of Tauschgnom. The map provides Google, obtained data then summarized by Zeising in the database of the book cabinet Finder. Users also have the option of reporting in a simple manner not yet recorded cabinets the developer and thus submit new locations.

App previously only available for Android

The non-commercial project is so far only available as an ad-free Android app. iOS users remains far only the web map as a possibility. Zeising However, to access the REST API for its own app to include these in their own projects developers offers.



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