Fake route planner: Consumer center warns against false collection emails

Fake directions – Consumers’ Center Brandenburg warns against counterfeit collections, which are currently increasing with consumers. These had previously refused to pay false claims to dubious route planner offers.

Fake route planner on the Internet

Consumers of the Consumer Center in Brandenburg are warning of a new loop, with which fraudsters try to reach the money of inattentive consumers. Already in the past, the consumer protectionists had warned against dubious roulette planner offers on the Internet, for example routenplaner-map.com, maps-routenplaner-24.com or maps-24.info, and called upon not to pay any claims.

The websites advertised with free navigation and hidden the actual costs in the small print. In order to be able to call up the route planning, interested parties had to register with the offers. “Afterwards they received a hefty bill of about 500 euros, even though the provider did not reveal the costs transparently and adhered to the legal requirements”, explains the consumer center.

Incorrect collection mails in circulation

In order to get the money, the fraudsters now use a new mesh and put more pressure on consumers. “There are currently many counselors in the council who have been threatened with a house visit and the seizure of their valuables after non-payment,” says Michèle Scherer from the Consumer Center Brandenburg. A court had legitimized the alleged collection with an enforcement title, it states in the email. According to the letter, those affected could only escape if they immediately pay 750 euros.

“We already consider the original demand of the route planner provider to be highly doubtful, since the payment obligation of the offer was not recognizable,” says Michèle Scherer. It advises not to pay the required amount and to contradict the claim instead. The Consumer Center offers a sample letter for this purpose.

In addition, the person concerned can file a criminal complaint with the police because “there are neither judicial enforcement authorities nor is a collection agency authorized to pledge assets. This can only be a bailiff, “says the Consumer Center.
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